'I am beginning to measure myself in strength, not pounds. Sometimes in smiles Wintergirls (A quote I will never forget)

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came home for the weekend and whipped this up.

cauliflower pizza, zucchini spaghetti parm, spaghetti squash.

yes there was tons of cheese but it’s healthier than the risotto and chicken parm my mom made for my sister and boyfriend… right?!?     

haha wooh back at college. came back and ate sooo much pizza and shit.. Sundays my cheat day xo

tomorrow my health binge starts again until saturday :)
❤️ (at sucha insta whore.)
we were so gossip girl ln (at Upper East Side)
it was a red lipstick kind of night.
Q: (CONT) It doesn't necessarily mean I eat totally awful, but I've gained well over 30 lbs back this past year. I have never felt more miserable in my life. Every time I try and pick myself back up, I crash.. it can be hours, days, weeks of feeling and doing well and it will hit me like a ton of bricks. I won't be happy until I lose the weight I gained, and I won't be happy until i learn to love myself. Do you have any advice on how you got through your dark period? I am so fucking lost & alone

wow.. just reading this reminded me so much of myself. I honestly know exactly how you feel.. especially because I’m in college now and I already feel myself gaining a little weight. my best advice babe is to take a step back and realize if you were able to do it once.. it’s 100% not 99 not 50 tbat you cna do it again. I think you should get help this time tho and talk to a nutritionist or fitness instructor because what I’m grasping from all this is that you stresss yourself out and are actually becoming depressed from this. reach out and get help babe this is nothingggggg in life you can do it!!!!!! ur BEAUTIFUL

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Q: Hey..I've been following you since the beginning of your journey, I wouldn't be on anon but I'm embarrassed. My journey has a lot of similarities, we started off strong, lost all the weight and then gradually gained it back. Accept, you've made a fabulous come back and you look amazing. When I first began losing the weight i became obsessed. I was diagnosed with bulimia. My disorder turned around a yr and a half later, and here I am today with Binge Eating Disorder. (CONT)


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Q: what store do you get your jeans from?!

all different! urban and forever 21 mainly :)

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Creamy Prosciutto & Pasta

Putting the finishing touches on a black velvet Totoro painting created exclusively for Desert Bus for Hope, a super awesome charity it is my honor to be participating in. 

This is one of two Ghibli inspired paintings that will be available for auction when the bus launches Nov 14. 

Look for em’!

The second piece for Desert Bus For Hope Craft Along Auction has been completed! More Ghibli fun with the ever-memorable Kodamas from Princess Mononoke. Look for it November 14th!

Shake it, Kodamas. Shake it like Mononoke-hime is nearby. :3




KeKe out here spittin factsssss


fucking crew

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