Anonymous asked:
Have fun on your trip. By the way, how many cals/points do you aim for in a day while loosing weight?


healthybabysteps asked:
Do you do the points plus or old points? I did the old points in hs 4 years ago and lost 23 pounds, but now I'm on the points plus and I've only lost 5 pounds and it's been 6 weeks. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but the weight isn't coming off as fast as it did the last time, do you have any tips?

I know that on the new system you’re allowed to eat a lot more so that might have something to do with it. try researching it. I know I dont eat as many points as the new system recommends.. so try lowering it

Anonymous asked:
Do you have stretch marks


does anybody have any good healthy recipies I could have to make food for easter tomorrow?

I was thinking like brownies or cookies using stevia, maybe a meal.. idk!! help!!?

bought this dresss for bahamas. leaving in two days! it just came in today (it was really late) and I’ve been freaking out because none of my clothes are coming in😭

gonna start drinking protein shakes after i work out

do any of you have any good suggestions???????

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